Why It Makes Sense to Purchase a Vehicle From a Dealership

March 5th, 2018

Buying From Car Dealerships If there wasn’t a need for car dealers then they wouldn’t exist. But, obviously, there is a need, and it makes sense to buy a vehicle from a dealership like George Kell Motors.

What are some good advantages of buying a vehicle from a dealership?

For starters, think about “extras.” Dealers often have access to extras you can’t get from a private seller. Some of these things include aftermarket wheels, upgraded sound systems, oil changes, tire rotations, and extended warranties. With a private seller, you pay them the money and they’re gone. With a dealership, however, if you’d like to continue the relationship, you can take your vehicle there for the aforementioned extras and then some! It’s like joining a club where you’re “in” with people who can help you with your vehicle over time.

George Kell Motors likes to enhance the GMC, Buick and Chevy ownership experience. Check out available protection plans, gap coverage, tire and wheel protection, the pre-paid maintenance plan and more.

Next, consider a dealership’s reputation. Because most dealers want to be the absolute best in their market, they’re in a healthy competition. Customers benefit from this competition. Dealerships often want to go the extra mile to please purchasers, even offering assistance after the deal is done. Their reputation in the community matters– if you say good things about them to your friends and family, they get more business. If you don’t, their business will suffer.

Want to know what people think of George Kell Motors? Read the reviews here.

Finally, consider the many financing options available through dealerships. With private sellers you typically have to secure your own financing, while dealers often have plans set up to help you finance your purchase. Ask your dealer about getting a loan and finding a low interest rate.

For George Kell Motors, there’s an online form you can fill out to get started with getting pre-approved for financing options– see it here.

George Kell Motors is located at 3808 South Van Dyke Road in Newport, Arkansas. Any questions? Please call 870-495-2620.


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