What Does Your Vehicle Choice Say About Your Personality

June 8th, 2016

Car Purchase

What you drive says a lot about you without you ever opening your mouth and talking to other people. Face it, people judge you by the vehicle you drive. They take into consideration its style, color, size and more in a quick, sometimes wrong, attempt to classify you as a certain type of person. Generally-speaking, certain kinds of vehicles appeal to certain kinds of people, and that’s a good thing. Some cars are meant for grandmas, just like some are meant for teenaged boys trying to impress girls in high school and college. Truck drivers like to haul stuff around and are the ones called upon to help friends move their beds and couches. You get the idea.

If you were to buy a Corvette, what would that say about you? First, it’d indicate you have some money to spend . Next, it would show you like to go fast. Finally, you care about style and looking cool– not a bad thing, by the way. If you own a muscle car, that’s like a Corvette on steroids. Muscle car owners typically love the mechanical aspects of cars and know what things like “torque” and “Hemi” mean.

These days, the “crossover,” aka “CUV” is a big seller. It’s not quite an SUV and not quite a station wagon or minivan. The CUV is a great grocery-getter as well as the kind of vehicle an older person who no longer has to cart around kids would drive.

Say the word minivan and what comes to mind? Kids! Minivans are for parents with little kids. ‘Nuff said.

“Hybrids” are vehicles that can run on gas or electricity. If you are an environmentalist, you’re likely to own a hybrid, such as the Prius.

What about full-sized trucks? They’re always popular, no matter what. Contractors love them, as do people who have jobs that involve hauling or towing stuff. Got a boat? Put a hitch on the truck and you can tow it.

Sports cars are typically small, stylish and fast. They’re made for people who love to drive. Since room is limited inside, sports cars usually only have one or two people in them and little to no room for groceries or other stuff.

Finally, there’s the SUV, which is basically the main type of vehicle you see on the road today. Why? Well, it’s high off the ground and a lot of people like to be up high while driving around town. Also, it’s got enough room for kids, adults, and stuff if needed, while still being “cool looking” enough that anyone could be proud to drive it to and from work and/or as their “everyday” practical-yet-cool vehicle.

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