What Are the Benefits of OnStar Vehicles?

December 19th, 2017

OnStar Vehicles “enabled” with OnStar help keep you safe, connected and ready for the road ahead. OnStar is a tool of convenience, providing several services to ultimately make your driving experience less stressful. It is commonly found in/on GM cars and trucks. Several vehicles for sale at George Kell Motors are equipped with OnStar. It’s worth a visit to 3808 South Van Dyke Road in Newport, Arkansas, to test drive an OnStar vehicle and experience OnStar in action.


OnStar services can help you in an emergency. For example, push the OnStar blue button to speak with a live advisor 24/7. Thanks to the automatic crash response feature, OnStar can even send help when you’re unable to ask for it.

Should you need help finding your vehicle if it’s stolen, OnStar will do that; there’s even a theft alarm notification that can be sent immediately to you (via text, email or phone call) if your car alarm should go off. Did you know OnStar can use GPS to find your vehicle and help the police get it back? Advisors might even be able to send a signal to slow the vehicle and/or prevent it from restarting.


When you’re out on the road, OnStar can help you find your way anywhere with turn-by-turn directions. There’s also the “AtYourService” feature to help you discover the value in the places you go, finding you deals at hotels, restaurants, etc.

Phone Calls

For those who like to stay connected while in and out of their vehicle, OnStar not only provides hands-free calling, but also 4G LTE and Wi-Fi hotspot options to turn your vehicle into a reliable mobile hub.

Finally, OnStar lets you know the status of your vehicle’s health with advanced diagnostics. It can tell you when maintenance is needed for things like the transmission, engine or brake system. Furthermore, it’ll tell you when tire pressure is low and/or you need an oil change. The “Smart Driver” feature will teach you how to drive smarter and get more out of your vehicle.

Prices vary based on the services you choose, and you’re not required to purchase all of them. Ideally, OnStar services help people in case there’s an emergency and/or helps limit the risk of having an emergency, and that’s why so many people utilize OnStar.

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