Tips on How to Prevent Your Vehicle From Rusting

October 6th, 2016

Rusted CarOne of the most annoying and unsightly things that can happen to your car is rust. Not only can rust can severely damage the durability of your car’s body, it also just plain looks bad and decreases the value of your car.

A few common things that contribute to vehicle rust are salt from melting ice and snow as well as moisture that contacts the metal underneath. When your vehicle’s coat of paint has been scratched or chipped, it puts your vehicle at an increased risk.

There are steps you can take to prevent rust from showing up on  your vehicle. As always, you will want to consult with a vehicle mechanic if the problem persists or gets much worse.

• Get your vehicle washed every few weeks, especially if you live near salt water or it happens to be winter in your area.

• Every four months, put a nice and thick coat of wax onto your vehicle. Wax is a sealant for a lot of common problems that can happen to cars.

• Make sure you clean the inside of your vehicle by wiping up any spills, as rust can start in the inside and end up going to the exterior.

• Routinely inspect the underside of your vehicle and clean built up snow, dirt, and debris when necessary.

• If you find any problems with your paint, especially any bubbling, get it take care of right away.

• If your vehicle is not going to be driven for a while, make sure you wash and spray it with a rust-preventing spray. At this time, you should cover your vehicle with an appropriate car cover.


If you find rust on your vehicle, be sure to respond immediately to remove it. Of course, if you are ready to start over with a new car, the experts at George Kell Motors can help you find exactly what you need.


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