Tips for Keeping Your Car Smelling Great

November 22nd, 2017

New Car Smell That “new car smell” is something a lot of people like, so much so that you can go to Wal-Mart or other stores and buy a hanging “tree” with that scent for your car whether it’s old, new or somewhere in between.

What are some tips for keeping your vehicle smelling great?


1) Keep it clean. At least that’s what Captain Obvious says. As much as you like eating McDonald’s in your vehicle, inevitably some fries are going to end up somewhere down on the floor in between the seats in a hard-to-retrieve place. Add to that other food items that mysteriously end up in various hidden parts of the vehicle, and you’ve got rotten, moldy, smelly old foodstuffs stinking up your car, van, SUV or truck. Ugh! Long story short: put all your trash in a trash bag that can be taken out of the vehicle and emptied so you don’t end up with junk strewn about, stinking up the place.

2) Forget about smoking in there. As much as you want to smoke in your vehicle, here’s the thing: it stinks. Maybe not to you, but to every single person who doesn’t smoke, there’s a foul odor associated with smoke-filled places and spaces. Sure, you could keep the window open and smoke, but then ashes get everywhere and the vehicle will still stink!

3) Mats are better than rugs. When water gets on rugs, mildew and mold can happen. With mats, though, water can’t linger like it does on rugs. Either way, the dryer you can keep the interior of your car, the better it will smell. Do this test: leave “old” water in your kitchen sink for a week, and see how that smells. Yeah. It’s not good; same thing for lingering old water in your car.

4) Don’t let pets roam free. Contain your cat or dog in a carrier while they’re in your vehicle. That way, if they “accidentally” have to relieve themselves, they’re not doing it on your upholstery.

5) Febreze often. Thank goodness for Febreze and other air fresheners. Let them neutralize odors, right?

It’s also a good idea to vacuum regularly, shake out floor mats often, wipe down dashboards, clean vents, remove stains before they become ingrained, and steam clean if needed.

No one wants a stinky car. Do whatever it takes to make sure yours smells good.

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