The Importance Of A Test Drive

June 29th, 2016

Test Drive Buying a car involves several steps; first, you have to decide what your budget is and what type of vehicle you are looking for. Next, you want to visit a car dealership and touch base with a sales representative.

The salesperson will likely walk you around the new or used car lot to show you vehicles that may interest you or are within your budget limitations.

Before you actually sign any paperwork, you want to do one very important task, and that is to take the vehicle for a test drive.

Usually, your salesperson will suggest you take the car around the block, on the thruway, or even overnight. This step is crucial to getting a first-hand idea of how the car drives, how comfortable you are in it, and what features are going to be included.

Ideally, you want to do a little preparation in anticipation of a test drive so that you know what to keep track of when driving an unfamiliar vehicle for the first time.

Do some homework: if you have a particular car in mind, read up on it before heading to the dealership. Read up on mileage, how well it travels, safety ratings, how it handles in varying weather conditions and so forth.

Consider bringing a friend: you don’t necessarily need someone to help you make the final decision, but it is nice to have a second opinion. Maybe there was a specific noise you didn’t hear that your friend did, which would warrant a second test drive.

You want to make a mental note of the vehicle specifics. Here is a guide:

–       Are the controls easy to use? (manual or automatic)

–       Are the seats comfortable and provide proper back support?

–       Do the display screens easily display the gauges?

–       How well does the climate controls work?

–       Does the radio, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity and voice activation work properly?

–       How is the navigation system?

–       Do the window and doors open and close properly?

–       How well do the brakes stop the car?

–       Any unusual movements while driving or stopping?

–       Are there any rattling noises coming from underneath the vehicle?

George Kell Motors is a reliable car dealership. We have a variety of new and used vehicles on our lots. We encourage all customers to test drive a vehicle before purchasing. If you need assistance with finding your ideal car, visit George Kell Motors today.

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