Tips for Extending the Life of Your Vehicle’s Battery

Car Battery Dealing with a faulty car battery is no joke. If your car isn’t running, and your battery has died, you could be stuck in any number of unsavory places and have to rely on a kind stranger with jumper cables to bail you out. While it’s important to make sure your car receives regular service to prevent your battery from deteriorating to this point, there are also a couple of things you can do on a regular basis to make sure to extend you car’s battery.

A clean, properly installed battery works best, so if you notice rust or build up, clean it out before it causes bigger problems. Batteries have lots of spots that are prone to corrosion, so wipe it down periodically and use a wire brush where necessary. If you’re not sure how to properly clean your battery, ask your mechanic to show you.

A charged battery is the healthiest kind of battery. Though your battery charges while your car is running, if you leave your car alone for a few days, your battery can deplete very quickly. If you won’t be driving your car for a few days, especially during very hot or very cold weather, make sure to at least turn it on and let the engine run for a few minutes, if not drive it around the block, each day. That’ll keep your battery fully charged and working properly.

If you ever find yourself with a dead battery in need of a jump, it’s best to jump your battery when it’s warm. If you can, leaving your hood open for a while with the sun shining down on the battery to warm it a bit can make the stress of jumping the battery less impactful. You should never jump a battery that’s so cold it could be frozen.

If you’re having trouble with your car’s battery, make a service appointment at George Kell Motors. Our trained technicians are experts when it comes to the cars we sell, and will be happy to help you out with whatever trouble you’re having with your car.

Dieselgate: How VW Found Themselves in Hot Water with No One to Blame


Volkswagen Group has found themselves in serious hot water with the EPA for serious transgressions, and may have to recall or fix at least 482,000 diesel vehicles in what’s being called Dieselgate. Why is there yet another “gate?” Haven’t we all learned from the New England Patriots Spygate, and Deflatgate that cheaters eventually get caught? Well now VW is the next one to find out.


VW is accused of cheating on EPA emissions testing and has actually admitted to doing so on 11 million vehicles worldwide. The engine in question is the Type EA 189 common rail diesel, which VW put into several makes and models worldwide, including Volkswagens, Audis, Skodas and Seats.


VW actually installed what the EPA is calling a “Cheat Device” which is an engine management software which only activates once the vehicle’s EPA emissions testing has begun. While not being tested the cheat device deactivates and allows the vehicle to run at 40 times the current emission standards.


As of right now no recalls have been issues yet contrary to some early reports and no fines have been doled out, however VW Group has already set aside 7.2 billion dollars to prepare. The EPA is continuing to investigate the matter and determine the course of action they’ll take against VW.


This infraction is a huge deal, much bigger than any recall. If Volkswagen knowingly installed devices, which let them break the law this could lead to record fines, punishments and even criminal charges against those found responsible.


VW dealers have already been issued a “stop sale” on all 2015 and 2016 TDI models, and the VW stock has begun to fall.


All we can do now is let the EPA continue its investigating and see what the future holds for VW in America.



Trust In the Experts When Purchasing a Vehicle

Car Dealership

Purchasing a car nowadays, whether new or used, is a big-time purchase. For many of us, it is the BIGGEST purchase of our lives and given recent statistics suggesting that young people aren’t really buying houses as in the generations than came before, the decision to buy a car has gained an even more mythic significance. It’s not, nor should it be, an easy decision to make, which is why George Kell Motors is here to make that decision a simpler one, a decision that rests easier on your soul, which is good, because as this article puts it, “Car shopping is the most important choice you’ll make.”


Leslie Tayne writes, “For many of us, buying a car is one of the biggest purchases we make. While it might only take a couple minutes of browsing the Internet to find the one that’s right for you, figuring out the best way to pay for it isn’t always as easy. Whether you decide to lease, finance or pay for the car in cash, each method of payment comes with its own set of pros and cons.”


Tayne breaks down the various methods of payment, including leasing, financing, and buying. Each method, as you might expect, has its pros and cons, and she does a nice job of illuminating those differences. Regardless of what method you decide to choose, you must know that buying a car nowadays holds a lot more weight in the big scheme of things than it did just a few years ago. It is truly the most important financial decision you will have to make nowadays. Let the professionals help you out.




The Time Old Battle of Buying New or Used

New Vs. Used Cars

No matter what the situation, deciding on a new car can become a very stressful situation. One of the many questions that comes up during this process is whether to get a new or used vehicle. Now there is no right or wrong answer to this question, all one can do is simply weigh the benefits of each and figure out what is best for them when it’s decision time.

The Benefits of Both


The first obvious benefit of buying a new car is that it isn’t used. So that means there’s no wear and tear on it, the car hasn’t been mistreated by a bad driver and it won’t have any unbearable odor on it. With a new car, you can also get it made to order in terms of the interior and exterior of the automobile. It will also have higher fuel efficiency and lower emissions as cars are being made now to run better and release fewer toxins in to the air. A newer car will also come with the most up to date safety systems to keep you and your passengers safe. When it comes to a used vehicle, its price will be a lot lower than if it were new which will be easier on the car buyers’ bank account. Your insurance rates will be lower as well because when cars get older they become less expensive.


George Kell Motors offers a wide variety of new and used Chevrolet, Buick and GMC vehicles. Well work with you to get you the best price for your new automobile. For more information on our vehicles and prices, please contact us today!



Lemon or Cherry?

Purchasing a New Car

So you’re in the market for a used car, you’ve already narrowed down your selection to a couple vehicles and you’re ready to purchase. Before you buy though, how do you tell if this car is going to be a Lemon or a Cherry for you? Here are a few tips which could prove to be invaluable.


When I go to buy a car I look at it like I’m about to get into a long term relationship. I know, “sounds crazy” you might say but hear me out first.


Before getting into a relationship it’s always important to go on a couple dates first to make sure the chemistry is there. The same goes with a car. You need to go test drive the car before you buy it. What might look great in a picture or sound awesome in a vehicle review might wind up being the exact opposite for you. Until you get in the car, gripping the steering wheel and putting some miles on it you’re not going to know if it’s the right car.


When you get in make sure you check for blind spots, the seats feel comfortable for you, the car controls are easy to use, and check the cars trip computer. Many times the trip computer also calculates average gas mileage. This will give you a real world driving mileage rather than going off of the inflated window sticker numbers.


When I’m inside the vehicle I also like to check for excessive wear and tear. This is usually a good sign that the car was not well-maintained. If the previous owner couldn’t take care of where the site all the time, how would they properly care for what’s hidden under the hood?


I also like to do a visual inspection of the car. I know many people purchasing vehicles aren’t mechanics and may not be gearheads. However there are somethings to check for that you don’t have to be an expert about cars to notice.


I always check the door, hood, and trunk gaps on the car. This is the space in between the different body panels on the car. If they are uneven then it’s a good sign that the cars been in an accident. During this inspection process I also like to open up all the doors, hood, and trunk to check for any paint drips or imperfections. This could be another good indicator that the car was in an accident and the poorly repaired.


Finally, always ask to see the vehicle maintenance records. This is undoubtedly the best way to tell if a car is going to be a lemon or a cherry. If you can establish a regular maintenance schedule for the car then it’s obvious to tell the car was well cared for and the previous owners care about cars.


If you check off that all these items look good and that you feel comfortable and confidant behind the wheel, then go for it. Pull the trigger!



Tips For Improving Your Credit

Credit Application


One of the considerations when looking to purchase or lease a new or used automobile is how good your credit is. Your credit score can influence the interest rate, loan amount and repayment period you may qualify for, and keeping up on your credit and working to improve it is one of the main ways that you better position yourself to get into the car you have your eye on.


If you don’t know your credit scores, finding them out is a key first step. Knowing where you stand and finding out if you have any errors or problems on your report can help you plan your way to improving your score. By law, you can receive a free copy of your credit report from each of the three credit bureaus – Equifax, Experian and TransUnion every 12 months. The federal government offers this on its website,


Next, you’ll want to pay attention to your payment activities and history. Ensure that you continue to pay your balances or minimum payments on time and, if possible, work to pay down any outstanding debts. Credit bureaus factor both on-time payments and a debt-to-income ratio, so keeping your account current and reducing your debts will, in turn, improve your score. also recommends being aware of how applying for new credit can impact you. Every time you apply for new credit lines, like credit cards or personal loans, it leaves an inquiry on your credit report. This can lead to a small decline in your score for up to a year. However, with larger expense loans, like auto, mortgage and student loans, that often involve receiving multiple credit checks, lenders will ignore the repeat inquiries during a small window leading up to your loan. This window spans between two weeks and 45 days, depending on the lender’s scoring software, so try to do your loan shopping in a small window right before you intend to buy.


In addition, lenders also look at the length of your employment and how long you’ve lived at your current residence. They will also factor in your reported income versus your rent or mortgage obligations and other monthly payments to determine how much of a loan you can qualify for, further driving the point that doing all you can to minimize other outstanding debts will only serve to improve the likelihood of being approved for the vehicle you want.



New Car Smell or Vintage Value? A Look at Buying a New Or Used Car

New vs. UsedYou find yourself walking through a lot full of nice new shiny toys, and some used ones as well. The new cars always look the prettiest, but the price one the used cars look just as appealing to you. It’s always a battle of whether or not you should spend some extra cash and go with the latest and greatest, or if you should save some pennies and drive a car that’s a few years behind the times.


When buying a new vs. a used car, there are always different pros and cons to weigh. A new car is always going to have better reliability, as it is new. You shouldn’t ever have to worry about things failing or breaking down like a used car would, or at least has a better chance of doing. You’ll also have that new car smell which is an added bonus, rather than having whatever leftover smell included in the used car you’re buying instead.


On the side of pricing, you’re obviously looking at a lower price, interest rate, resale value, etc. when it comes to buying a used car. Sure, the resale value by the time you’re done driving it will most likely be next to nothing but you won’t be paying as much for it as a newer, more updated of its kind. Either way, when weighing all of these options it really comes down to what your preference is and how you feel about the overall comparison between new and used vehicles.



Reasons to Choose a Truck When Shopping for a Vehicle

George Kell Motors of Newport, Arkansas, sells trucks—lots of them. Why are trucks popular? There are so many reasons.


If you’re a tall person, over 6’, little cars can be very uncomfortable—you’re squished in. However, trucks typically have the right amount of space for tall people to sit comfortably.


Trucks allow the driver to sit up high above the road. The advantage is that drivers can see over cars and know what’s up ahead—better sight-lines. Cars that are low to the ground have no idea how long the traffic jam ahead is, but people in trucks usually do.


Do you haul stuff around, like wood, sheetrock, tile, bricks, tools, or boxes of stuff? A truck’s bed is great for hauling all sorts of stuff around town, from chests of drawers to fishing poles. You can cover your truck bed to keep the rain out, or leave it open which allows for transporting tall items that otherwise wouldn’t fit in a car.


Want to go off-road, muddin’ and such? Trucks are bigger, stronger and made for tougher road conditions than, say, a Prius. Whether you’re in the mountains, on dirt roads, or in a typical town, trucks are versatile with where they can go.


Boaters love trucks. Why? Because trucks are strong enough to properly trailer boats. Want to take your fishing boat to the river or lake? Trucks are good for that. Speaking of trailers, trucks are also the vehicle of choice for taking campers to and from campsites.


Today’s trucks have better amenities than ones from the old days. With air conditioning, kickin’ audio systems, and more comfortable seats, today’s trucks are enjoyable to drive.


George Kell Motors has a good selection of new and pre-owned Chevy Silverados and GMC Sierras—great trucks for life in Arkansas and the surrounding states. Consider buying a truck for your vehicle needs.



How to Keep Your Car in Great Condition

Tips on Cars


Keeping a car in great condition is kind of like keeping your own body in great condition. You don’t have to exercise a car, feed it food, or dress it in attractive clothing, but you do have to “take care of it.” A car is a reflection of the owner. Ideally, you want it to sound, smell, look and feel good daily.


Preventative maintenance is the key to keeping a car in great condition. Get little problems taken care of long before they become costly big problems. That means having the oil (and oil filter) changed regularly– typically every 3 months or 3,000 miles. Get the tires rotated, the wheels balanced, and pay for an alignment every so often. Have a mechanic check and top off fluids. It doesn’t hurt to have the vehicle professionally inspected on a yearly basis– much like people should go to the doctor for yearly check-ups, vehicles need check-ups, too.


The average person doesn’t look underneath their car, let alone open up the hood and know/check all the engine parts to see if everything’s fine. However, the average person may hear a weird noise coming from their wheels, brakes, or engine. They may smell an odd odor that could indicate there’s something wrong with the radiator, oil system or engine. Again, it’s a smart idea to take the vehicle to a professional mechanic and have them check/repair the car to take care of problems before they get out of hand.


Practical things you can do to maintain a great looking car include getting it washed and cleaned often (at car washes or with a hose and soap in your driveway), avoiding eating/smoking in the car’s interior so it won’t stink (and you won’t find old bits of food rotting under the seats months after you dropped them), and keeping it in a garage or under a carport roof when not in use.


By the way, if you’re looking for a new or used Chevrolet, Buick or GMC vehicle, check out George Kell Motors in Newport, Arkansas. You’ll find clean, fresh, attractive cars and trucks for sale at George Kell Motors.