Automatic vs. Manual Transmissions

Automatic vs. Manual Transmission

What’s the difference between automatic and manual transmissions? Well, for starters, manual transmissions require more action on the part of a driver. One foot is used to step down on the gas pedal, while the other foot is used to operate the clutch. Then, the driver uses his or her hand to move the gearshift/stick, manually adjusting the gears until the vehicle reaches the desired speed.


If you’ve never driven a manual transmission vehicle, it takes some time to get used to before it’s a no-brainer. Many people prefer automatic transmissions because they do the gear shifting automatically– drivers only need one foot (no clutch, just gas), and the only “shifting” involved means taking their hand to move the stick from park to drive. Easy!


Companies who are worried about “the bottom line” want to maximize their profit, so it’s not uncommon for them to have a fleet of vehicles with manual transmissions because– compared to automatics– they utilize the engine’s power more efficiently and are more “fuel efficient.” In other words, they save gas, which saves money.


To fix an automatic transmission that’s having problems is a little more complicated than fixing a manual one. Automatics are more labor intensive, with more moving parts than manual transmissions and therefore cost more to repair.


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