Tips for Getting Good Gas Mileage

Gas Mileage There are several simple things you can do to get good gas mileage. If you’re set on getting good-to-better gas mileage, you will want to pay attention to these valuable tips.

Consistent Driving

First things first. You’re stopped at a light. The light turns green. Do you “floor it?” Most people do. However, that’s NOT a good way to save gas. Flooring it– pushing the pedal down hard to the floor to go from 0 to 60 in an instant– is going to cost you quite a bit of gas and therefore is not recommended. The more acceleration you demand of your vehicle, the more energy it requires, thus sucking up gas quickly.

Next, consider all the stuff you keep in your trunk and/or back seat. Do you really NEED all of that? Because extra stuff has weight– and that stuff is weighing the vehicle down. Extra weight hurts fuel economy. Carry essentials with you and leave the rest at home or work.

To Fill or Not to Fill?

Now here’s something interesting most people don’t ever think about: a gallon of gas weighs 8.34 pounds or so. If you always fill up your tank, all the way, you’re going to be carrying around more weight. Therefore, don’t fill up your tank all the way and you’ll be taking 20-60 pounds off, helping boost your fuel economy.

AC or Windows?

Yes, A/C is amazing when it’s hot outside, but if you want to save gas, turn off your air conditioner. When it’s on, it’s putting a strain on the engine, requiring more energy and therefore more gas. When you can feel comfortable just letting the Arkansas breeze from an open window cool you down, go for that instead of your A/C.

If you’re on a highway for a long period of time, you should use your “cruise control” feature. It provides you with a smooth and consistent ride, and is good for your fuel economy.

Finally, check your tire pressure. For every pound of pressure your tire is missing, you’re losing efficiency. Keeping your vehicle maintained well can help boost its overall fuel economy.

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