Tips For Keeping Your Car In Pristine Condition

Vehicle Maintenance Owning a vehicle is a big responsibility. As is the case with a new house and a new baby, you want to protect it and keep it healthy and strong for as long as possible.

It is not impossible to keep that new car shine after you’ve driven it off the dealership lot.

There are tips and tricks for keeping your new car in great shape mechanically and in maintaining its aesthetic appeal.

• Dirt and grime can build up and cause your car’s paint to look dull. Regular washes will help keep the paint looking vibrant.

• Every other wash you will want to give your car a coat of wax. The wax is what gives a vehicle a nice shine.

• In the wintertime, salt and snow can damage the under parts of your car. An underbody will prevent rust build up caused by salt, snow and trapped dirt.

• You will want to keep your car covered in the winter months as well as in the summer’s heat. If you don’t have a garage, a carport works well.

• Keep your tires clean and at optimal air levels.

• Make sure you get any chips or scrapes buffed, re-painted or just looked over sooner rather than later. If caught early, those kinds of marks can be taken care of. The longer you wait, the better chance of an unsightly dent becoming permanent.

• Find a trusty mechanic to take your vehicle for routine maintenance like oil change, tire rotation and just an overall check with surely help keep your care in pristine shape. There might not be issues you’re aware of and a licensed mechanic will be able to check that all systems are working properly.

George Kell Motors Inc. has a fantastic inventory of new and used vehicles, as well as a staff of knowledgeable and dedicated mechanics. For more information, contact us today.

Tips for Extending the Life of Your Vehicle’s Battery

Car Battery Dealing with a faulty car battery is no joke. If your car isn’t running, and your battery has died, you could be stuck in any number of unsavory places and have to rely on a kind stranger with jumper cables to bail you out. While it’s important to make sure your car receives regular service to prevent your battery from deteriorating to this point, there are also a couple of things you can do on a regular basis to make sure to extend you car’s battery.

A clean, properly installed battery works best, so if you notice rust or build up, clean it out before it causes bigger problems. Batteries have lots of spots that are prone to corrosion, so wipe it down periodically and use a wire brush where necessary. If you’re not sure how to properly clean your battery, ask your mechanic to show you.

A charged battery is the healthiest kind of battery. Though your battery charges while your car is running, if you leave your car alone for a few days, your battery can deplete very quickly. If you won’t be driving your car for a few days, especially during very hot or very cold weather, make sure to at least turn it on and let the engine run for a few minutes, if not drive it around the block, each day. That’ll keep your battery fully charged and working properly.

If you ever find yourself with a dead battery in need of a jump, it’s best to jump your battery when it’s warm. If you can, leaving your hood open for a while with the sun shining down on the battery to warm it a bit can make the stress of jumping the battery less impactful. You should never jump a battery that’s so cold it could be frozen.

If you’re having trouble with your car’s battery, make a service appointment at George Kell Motors. Our trained technicians are experts when it comes to the cars we sell, and will be happy to help you out with whatever trouble you’re having with your car.