New Car Smell or Vintage Value? A Look at Buying a New Or Used Car

March 31st, 2015

New vs. UsedYou find yourself walking through a lot full of nice new shiny toys, and some used ones as well. The new cars always look the prettiest, but the price one the used cars look just as appealing to you. It’s always a battle of whether or not you should spend some extra cash and go with the latest and greatest, or if you should save some pennies and drive a car that’s a few years behind the times.


When buying a new vs. a used car, there are always different pros and cons to weigh. A new car is always going to have better reliability, as it is new. You shouldn’t ever have to worry about things failing or breaking down like a used car would, or at least has a better chance of doing. You’ll also have that new car smell which is an added bonus, rather than having whatever leftover smell included in the used car you’re buying instead.


On the side of pricing, you’re obviously looking at a lower price, interest rate, resale value, etc. when it comes to buying a used car. Sure, the resale value by the time you’re done driving it will most likely be next to nothing but you won’t be paying as much for it as a newer, more updated of its kind. Either way, when weighing all of these options it really comes down to what your preference is and how you feel about the overall comparison between new and used vehicles.



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