How to Keep Your Car in Great Condition

October 3rd, 2014
Tips on Cars


Keeping a car in great condition is kind of like keeping your own body in great condition. You don’t have to exercise a car, feed it food, or dress it in attractive clothing, but you do have to “take care of it.” A car is a reflection of the owner. Ideally, you want it to sound, smell, look and feel good daily.


Preventative maintenance is the key to keeping a car in great condition. Get little problems taken care of long before they become costly big problems. That means having the oil (and oil filter) changed regularly– typically every 3 months or 3,000 miles. Get the tires rotated, the wheels balanced, and pay for an alignment every so often. Have a mechanic check and top off fluids. It doesn’t hurt to have the vehicle professionally inspected on a yearly basis– much like people should go to the doctor for yearly check-ups, vehicles need check-ups, too.


The average person doesn’t look underneath their car, let alone open up the hood and know/check all the engine parts to see if everything’s fine. However, the average person may hear a weird noise coming from their wheels, brakes, or engine. They may smell an odd odor that could indicate there’s something wrong with the radiator, oil system or engine. Again, it’s a smart idea to take the vehicle to a professional mechanic and have them check/repair the car to take care of problems before they get out of hand.


Practical things you can do to maintain a great looking car include getting it washed and cleaned often (at car washes or with a hose and soap in your driveway), avoiding eating/smoking in the car’s interior so it won’t stink (and you won’t find old bits of food rotting under the seats months after you dropped them), and keeping it in a garage or under a carport roof when not in use.


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