Here’s How You Can Keep Your New Car Clean

October 2nd, 2018

Keeping New Car CleanWhether you buy a brand new car or a used one, either way it’s new to you. When you acquire a “new” vehicle, you have the tendency to treat it well. What are some tips for keeping your new car clean?

Start a Schedule

First, set aside an hour per week to clean it. It’s important to schedule this time in/on your calendar. Why not pick the same day of the week and time each week to do so? For instance, every Sunday night at 7pm you’ll mark on your calendar, “clean my vehicle.” If you don’t write it down somewhere, you’re probably going to forget to do it– so writing it down really helps keep you accountable. If you hate cleaning your own vehicle, make an appointment with someone who will do it for a small fee.

Priority List

Next, make a list of what you need to do; this list might include vacuuming the floors and seats, wiping all the surfaces to get the dust off, and shaking stones and debris out or off the floor mats. Every time you or someone cleans the vehicle, you can check off items on the list so you know you didn’t forget to do anything important. Keep records of what was cleaned and when so you have paperwork to prove you cared enough to clean it– and this gives you something to not only look back on, but be proud of, too.

Organization Plan

Also, do your best to organize the things in your vehicle so they make sense to be there… for instance, if it’s summer, you don’t need an ice scraper and winter gloves in there. Only keep things in the vehicle that you plan on using during the next two months. Otherwise, you’re just accumulating a whole bunch of stuff that’ll make your interior look like you’re a hoarder– and a messy, unorganized one at that. Your vehicle should not be a storage unit.

“House Rules”

Finally, if you really want to keep your vehicle clean, institute a “no food in the car” rule and make everyone follow it– no exceptions. This means you won’t be finding stray French fries in between the seats, and you won’t have any smelly fast food wrappers wrappers making the vehicle stink. As hard as this may seem to do, it could end up being the best decision you’ve made in order to keep your vehicle clean for the coming years!

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