The story behind George Kell and Duck Commander

April 12th, 2013

Did you know Jase and Si Robertson from Duck Dynasty have trucks sponsored by George Kell Motors?



That’s right Jase and Si both have custom designed trucks from George Kell.



So how did a GMC and Chevy dealership in Newport, Arkansas become sponsors of the most popular show on cable television?



Well a few years ago, Phil Robertson attended church where George Kell owner Elliot Sides goes and Sides gave Phil his business card. A day later, Phil called asking if his dealership would like to sponsor Jase and Si’s trucks for the  show, which at the time was just on the Outdoor Channel before it went on A+E.



“I thought it’d be cool,” Sides recalled. “They were working on the pilot for A+E and we didn’t know where it would go.”



Jase’s truck, a GMC Sierra, was custom designed by Sides and fitted with a grill guard, black rims and custom camouflage decal along the bottom of the black vehicle.  The trucks went to Louisiana where Duck Commander Headquarters is located.  Now, Jase’s Sierra is seen quite frequently on Duck Dynasty, and the show has been a major success as it’s the most watched cable television show out today by a landslide.



Duck Dynasty is seen by 8 million viewers on Wednesday nights, getting almost twice as many views as the second most watched cable show, Monday Night Raw.




Season Four of the show is going to feature a new truck for Jase a new 2014 GMC Sierra that Sides will custom design again. What really going to be cool about Jase’s new ride, beyond the custom work that will be done to it, is that “he’s going to have one of the first 2014 Sierras on the road,” Sides said.



It’s certainly something to watch for next year. As for right now, check out Duck Dynasty on A+E and these funny commercials Jase and Si did for Goerge Kell Motors.



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