Dieselgate: How VW Found Themselves in Hot Water with No One to Blame

September 23rd, 2015

Volkswagen Group has found themselves in serious hot water with the EPA for serious transgressions, and may have to recall or fix at least 482,000 diesel vehicles in what’s being called Dieselgate. Why is there yet another “gate?” Haven’t we all learned from the New England Patriots Spygate, and Deflatgate that cheaters eventually get caught? Well now VW is the next one to find out.


VW is accused of cheating on EPA emissions testing and has actually admitted to doing so on 11 million vehicles worldwide. The engine in question is the Type EA 189 common rail diesel, which VW put into several makes and models worldwide, including Volkswagens, Audis, Skodas and Seats.


VW actually installed what the EPA is calling a “Cheat Device” which is an engine management software which only activates once the vehicle’s EPA emissions testing has begun. While not being tested the cheat device deactivates and allows the vehicle to run at 40 times the current emission standards.


As of right now no recalls have been issues yet contrary to some early reports and no fines have been doled out, however VW Group has already set aside 7.2 billion dollars to prepare. The EPA is continuing to investigate the matter and determine the course of action they’ll take against VW.


This infraction is a huge deal, much bigger than any recall. If Volkswagen knowingly installed devices, which let them break the law this could lead to record fines, punishments and even criminal charges against those found responsible.


VW dealers have already been issued a “stop sale” on all 2015 and 2016 TDI models, and the VW stock has begun to fall.


All we can do now is let the EPA continue its investigating and see what the future holds for VW in America.



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