Reasons to Consider Buying a Truck or SUV

Trucks and SUVsWhat are some reasons to consider buying a truck or SUV?

First and foremost, people who have made the switch from a low-to-the-ground car to a higher-up truck or SUV say they absolutely love being higher off the ground. It allows them to see around the vehicle better, as well as see what’s in front of them, better, too. That added height also gives them a psychological sense of well-being, feeling somewhat safer “up there.”

For many people, it’s physically easier to step up and into a truck or SUV rather than having to get down low to get into a car. Indeed, many people have to awkwardly climb in and out of cars, twisting their bodies in unusual ways because the vehicle is so low to the ground, making the whole process awkward.

Speaking of awkward, if you’re tall, weigh more than the average person, have long legs, and like to have some elbow room, then it makes sense to buy a truck or SUV because they’re more spacious than most cars.

Next up, if you have kids, a truck or SUV can be a godsend, accommodating two kids in child seats as well as their strollers, diaper bags and other supplies. Meanwhile, if you have several kids, they’re going to fit much better in vehicle designed for 5 or more people, compared to a car which typically handles 4 people at best.

Trucks and SUVs are known for having more space than cars, and when that space isn’t used for hauling people around town, it can be used to haul other stuff, like dressers, big TVs, boxes, tools, bikes and more. If you have a boat, jetski, camper or other “big boy toy” that requires a trailer, it makes sense to hitch the trailer to a strong and sturdy truck or SUV more so than a little car, right?

Furthermore, if you live “out in the country” where you’re likely to encounter dirt roads and such, a truck/SUV can handle those better than most cars, especially thanks to having a higher ground clearance. These vehicles also work well for areas prone to a lot of snow in the wintertime.

Finally, you might want to buy a truck/SUV for work purposes, as a great place to store and haul tools, equipment, and heavy stuff you use “on the job.”


Reasons to Choose a Truck When Shopping for a Vehicle

George Kell Motors of Newport, Arkansas, sells trucks—lots of them. Why are trucks popular? There are so many reasons.


If you’re a tall person, over 6’, little cars can be very uncomfortable—you’re squished in. However, trucks typically have the right amount of space for tall people to sit comfortably.


Trucks allow the driver to sit up high above the road. The advantage is that drivers can see over cars and know what’s up ahead—better sight-lines. Cars that are low to the ground have no idea how long the traffic jam ahead is, but people in trucks usually do.


Do you haul stuff around, like wood, sheetrock, tile, bricks, tools, or boxes of stuff? A truck’s bed is great for hauling all sorts of stuff around town, from chests of drawers to fishing poles. You can cover your truck bed to keep the rain out, or leave it open which allows for transporting tall items that otherwise wouldn’t fit in a car.


Want to go off-road, muddin’ and such? Trucks are bigger, stronger and made for tougher road conditions than, say, a Prius. Whether you’re in the mountains, on dirt roads, or in a typical town, trucks are versatile with where they can go.


Boaters love trucks. Why? Because trucks are strong enough to properly trailer boats. Want to take your fishing boat to the river or lake? Trucks are good for that. Speaking of trailers, trucks are also the vehicle of choice for taking campers to and from campsites.


Today’s trucks have better amenities than ones from the old days. With air conditioning, kickin’ audio systems, and more comfortable seats, today’s trucks are enjoyable to drive.


George Kell Motors has a good selection of new and pre-owned Chevy Silverados and GMC Sierras—great trucks for life in Arkansas and the surrounding states. Consider buying a truck for your vehicle needs.