Here’s How You Can Keep Your New Car Clean

Keeping New Car CleanWhether you buy a brand new car or a used one, either way it’s new to you. When you acquire a “new” vehicle, you have the tendency to treat it well. What are some tips for keeping your new car clean?

Start a Schedule

First, set aside an hour per week to clean it. It’s important to schedule this time in/on your calendar. Why not pick the same day of the week and time each week to do so? For instance, every Sunday night at 7pm you’ll mark on your calendar, “clean my vehicle.” If you don’t write it down somewhere, you’re probably going to forget to do it– so writing it down really helps keep you accountable. If you hate cleaning your own vehicle, make an appointment with someone who will do it for a small fee.

Priority List

Next, make a list of what you need to do; this list might include vacuuming the floors and seats, wiping all the surfaces to get the dust off, and shaking stones and debris out or off the floor mats. Every time you or someone cleans the vehicle, you can check off items on the list so you know you didn’t forget to do anything important. Keep records of what was cleaned and when so you have paperwork to prove you cared enough to clean it– and this gives you something to not only look back on, but be proud of, too.

Organization Plan

Also, do your best to organize the things in your vehicle so they make sense to be there… for instance, if it’s summer, you don’t need an ice scraper and winter gloves in there. Only keep things in the vehicle that you plan on using during the next two months. Otherwise, you’re just accumulating a whole bunch of stuff that’ll make your interior look like you’re a hoarder– and a messy, unorganized one at that. Your vehicle should not be a storage unit.

“House Rules”

Finally, if you really want to keep your vehicle clean, institute a “no food in the car” rule and make everyone follow it– no exceptions. This means you won’t be finding stray French fries in between the seats, and you won’t have any smelly fast food wrappers wrappers making the vehicle stink. As hard as this may seem to do, it could end up being the best decision you’ve made in order to keep your vehicle clean for the coming years!

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Steps to Take When Buying a New Car

Test Drive

Test Drive There are more than 6 million Americans who purchase new vehicles every year. If you’re thinking about doing it soon, there are steps you should take to ensure you get the right car, truck, or SUV. Take a look at those steps below.

Figure out what kind of vehicle you want.

Do you have a growing family that could benefit from a minivan, or are you a single person who wants to splurge on the sports car you’ve always dreamed about buying? Either way, you should take the time to do your research and figure out exactly which car you want. You can go and check some cars out at dealerships or look around online to find out about the features associated with certain vehicles. It’ll make it easy to narrow down your search.

Try and get pre-approved for a loan.

Rather than waiting until you visit a dealership to get approved for a loan, you should get pre-approved so that you know exactly how much money you must spend on a vehicle. This will cut down on the amount of time you have to spend working out the terms of a loan later. It’ll also help you avoid the disappointment that comes along with applying for a loan at a dealership only to be turned down.

Track down the car you want and test drive it.

After you have your pre-approval in place, you should find a local dealership with the car you want in stock and test drive it. A car might have everything you want from it on paper, but it might not always feel comfortable to you once you’re actually behind the wheel. By taking a car for a test drive, you can make sure it’s what you want.

Negotiate the best price for the car.

Prior to agreeing to buy a car, you should see if you can negotiate a better price for it. There are many car dealers that will work with you to get the best price possible. You might also want to consider trading your current vehicle in to bring the price down or putting down a larger down payment to get more favorable loan terms. There are ways to get the price you want on a vehicle.

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How to Save Up for a New Car

Saving for a New Car

Saving for a New Car There are two “big” purchases people generally make: their house and their car. Houses typically cost more than $100,000, while cars may range between $15,000 and $60,000 depending on what you want.

What are some tips for saving up to buy a new car?

Set a Budget

First, consider a “realistic price” that you can truly afford. Oftentimes, people want to buy a vehicle that’s out of their price range, and they end up buying something they can’t truly afford. Long story short: this doesn’t work out well in the end. Therefore, if you can be realistic about your budget and your wants/needs, then you can pick a price point that makes sense. For instance, if you’ve already saved some money toward the purchase of a new car and you’re also actively saving money right now, pick an amount to spend on the new vehicle and realize that you’ll probably need to put 20% down on a brand new one or 10% on a used one if you plan to finance your purchase over time.

Decide What is Most Important

Next, make a list of your wants versus your needs. For example, you might need “great gas mileage” (especially with rising gas prices) and you might want a “rear spoiler.” Generally, look for a vehicle that meets your needs, and if you can get some or all of the wants for the right price, consider yourself lucky. A great way to budget for the purchase is to take your monthly income and divvy it up: 50% to needs, 30% to wants and 20% to savings and/or debt repayment(s). Remember to add the cost of car insurance to your overall budget– insurance typically costs between $500 and $1,200 per year for a vehicle.

Trim at the Margins

In order to save for your big purchase, start cutting out small purchases from your daily life. Instead of paying $4 for a coffee at Starbucks, use the coffee machine provided at work and make your own. When you go through the supermarket checkout line, don’t get that $2 candy bar on a whim. If you shop online, only buy true bargains, rather than buying anything and everything you **think** you want. Have a garage sale or list items on craigslist to sell. Charge people for your services such as tutoring, babysitting, or cutting hair.

Devote a Savings Account to Your Purchase

Finally, set up a savings account devoted to the big purchase. That way the money is separate from other purposes. You might also want to set up “automatic transfers” to this account to ensure money goes into it from, say, your weekly paychecks.

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Should You Buy or Lease a New Vehicle?

Buy or Lease a Vehicle

Should you buy or lease a new vehicle? Well, that’ll depend on your personal circumstances. Here are some pros and cons of both options to consider.

Why buy a car, outright? Well, you’ll own it. You won’t have to “give it back.” When you own your own vehicle you can do whatever you want to it, such as put a giant sticker on the hood or paint your rims whatever color you want them to be. Generally, insurance premiums are typically lower than if you lease, so there’s that benefit. Finally, you can put as much mileage on it without having to worry about having to “pay extra if you go over” and such.

One of the drawbacks to buying a car, though, is the cost, which can be, understandably, higher than leasing the vehicle. Out of pocket expenses add up. Some people choose to pay the whole price at once, while others decide to make monthly payments to pay it off, much like a house mortgage.

With leasing, overall costs can be lower– for instance, a lease probably won’t require a down payment, won’t have an upfront sales tax charge, and may offer tax advantages if used for business purposes. Furthermore, monthly payments for a lease are usually less compared to owning it, and with leasing, you’re pretty much renting the vehicle for a set period of time. Therefore, you give it back when you’re done. The advantage here is that you don’t have to assume the full depreciation cost of the vehicle– you’re not stuck with it when it’s no longer brand new and worth “more money.” Giving it back means you can start fresh, again, with a newer model. Many people like to lease for that very reason– it’s like getting a new car every couple years for a reasonable price, a new vehicle which looks and feels nice.

Perhaps the biggest drawback to leasing is that you’re paying monthly for it but you never actually own it. It’s never truly “yours.” Furthermore, there’s typically a mileage restriction. Most are 12,000 to 15,000 miles allowed per year, and when you go over that amount, expect to pay quite a bit for that privilege. Oh, and insurance costs for leased vehicles can be kind of high.

In some cases, people may choose to purchase the car at the end of the lease period for a predetermined amount.

Depending on what your personal circumstances are right now, leasing or owning a vehicle might make sense. You’re welcome to discuss options with George Kell Motors. Please call 870-495-2620.

The Importance of Washing Your Car

Washing Your Car

Washing Your Car How often do you wash your car? If you go weeks or even months in between cleanings, you could be doing a serious disservice to your vehicle. Washing your vehicle is even more important than you probably think. Check out a few reasons why you should get into the habit of cleaning your car as often as you can.

It will prevent contaminants from ruining your paint job.

Over the course of just a few days, there are all kinds of contaminants that can build up on your vehicle and do harm to it. Dirt, dust, tree sap, bugs, pollen, pollutants, salt, and more can stick to your car and cause issues with your paint. If you fail to wash your car, you may notice that your paint will get dull over time. You also could end up experiencing things like rust when you don’t maintain your vehicle and wash it. It’s why washing your car is so essential.

It will protect your vehicle from the sun and other weather elements.

The weather can wreak havoc on your vehicle. The sun’s UV rays can beat down on it and change the complexion of your paint job. Acid rain can eat away at the finish of your car and make it look aged. Snow, ice, and hail can also cause the paint to look worse for the wear. When washing your vehicle, there are products you can use to protect it from the weather and all that it brings.

It will keep your vehicle looking its best.

You spend a lot of money on your vehicle. Between buying it, insuring it, and maintaining it, you have likely invested thousands of dollars in it over the years. Washing it is the most effective way to keep it looking great. If you’re going to spend so much money on it, it’s really the least you can do to protect your investment.

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Tips for Saving For a New Car

Saving for a New CarThe key word for today is: intentional. If you want to save money for a new car you have to be intentional about it. So, instead of just thinking about saving money you actually have to do it. How can you accomplish this?

Ways to Save Up For a New Vehicle

First, set a goal. This goal should be very specific. For instance, you could write down on a piece of paper that you want to set aside $200 per week for the next 6 months such that you’d have $4,800 saved in half a year’s time. Put this sheet of paper with your goal up on your refrigerator in the kitchen or on your bathroom mirror so you’ll see it every single day for the next six months.

Next, buy yourself a “piggy bank” and literally put cash into it on a daily basis as your “car fund.” You could also call the bank your “car jar” if you’d like. The physical act of making a deposit each day toward your dream will get you into the good habit of saving money… and thinking about the end goal over time. Once a week count the money you’ve saved and keep a running tally so you know how you’re doing– getting closer to the end goal! You should tell some trusted friends about what you’re wanting to accomplish because they can become “accountability partners.” Have them “check-in” with you weekly to ask how you’re doing with saving money. It can be a very powerful thing to have others asking you how you’re doing since they’ll keep you motivated, encouraged, and on-track to reach your goal.

Also, think of ways you currently spend money that you could change over the course of the next few months such that the money goes toward the car fund. For example, if you go to the local doughnut shop every weekday and spend $8 on a coffee and doughnut, daily, then you could cut down to once a week as a treat, right? Or, if you’re like most people, do you go to the grocery store and buy impulse items at the checkout that you don’t really need? Stop doing that! Here’s some great advice for those people who see a lot of things in stores they think they want to buy: take a picture of it rather than buy it. Instead of having items at home collecting dust, you’ll have pictures to remember the interesting things you saw without having the expense of buying them and storing them at home… this one tip can save you a lot of money!

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Tips for Getting Good Gas Mileage

Gas Mileage There are several simple things you can do to get good gas mileage. If you’re set on getting good-to-better gas mileage, you will want to pay attention to these valuable tips.

Consistent Driving

First things first. You’re stopped at a light. The light turns green. Do you “floor it?” Most people do. However, that’s NOT a good way to save gas. Flooring it– pushing the pedal down hard to the floor to go from 0 to 60 in an instant– is going to cost you quite a bit of gas and therefore is not recommended. The more acceleration you demand of your vehicle, the more energy it requires, thus sucking up gas quickly.

Next, consider all the stuff you keep in your trunk and/or back seat. Do you really NEED all of that? Because extra stuff has weight– and that stuff is weighing the vehicle down. Extra weight hurts fuel economy. Carry essentials with you and leave the rest at home or work.

To Fill or Not to Fill?

Now here’s something interesting most people don’t ever think about: a gallon of gas weighs 8.34 pounds or so. If you always fill up your tank, all the way, you’re going to be carrying around more weight. Therefore, don’t fill up your tank all the way and you’ll be taking 20-60 pounds off, helping boost your fuel economy.

AC or Windows?

Yes, A/C is amazing when it’s hot outside, but if you want to save gas, turn off your air conditioner. When it’s on, it’s putting a strain on the engine, requiring more energy and therefore more gas. When you can feel comfortable just letting the Arkansas breeze from an open window cool you down, go for that instead of your A/C.

If you’re on a highway for a long period of time, you should use your “cruise control” feature. It provides you with a smooth and consistent ride, and is good for your fuel economy.

Finally, check your tire pressure. For every pound of pressure your tire is missing, you’re losing efficiency. Keeping your vehicle maintained well can help boost its overall fuel economy.

George Kell Motors of Newport, Arkansas, sells vehicles and repairs them, too. Call 870-495-2620 for sales or 870-495-2614 for service and parts.

The Benefits of Rotating Your Tires

When’s the last time you had your vehicle’s tires rotated? In general, people are either really gung ho about having this done on a regular basis or they’re a bit ignorant, not even realizing that tire rotations are “a thing.”

Rotating Your Tires Bottom line: tire rotation is beneficial for you and your vehicle. Tires never stay in perfect shape, even though they may “look pretty good” to the untrained eye. Over time, there are many things that affect tires, from the way a person drives their vehicle (taking corners in a fast way, starting/stopping abruptly) to the terrain they drive over (gravel, stones, mud). Factor in temperature changes and front-wheel drive, and tires (especially the front ones) are going to show wear-and-tear over time.

By regularly rotating the physical location of your tires, you’re doing your vehicle a favor. It’ll get better fuel economy, using less gas and allowing the engine to run more efficiently. Essentially, the tire rotation means your engine doesn’t have to work so hard– there’s less tire pulling and road friction thanks to tire rotation.

Furthermore, tire rotation extends the life of tires and means you’re less likely to have to pay for an alignment.

In general, most tires should be rotated every 5,000 to 10,000 miles they’re driven. If you have a warranty, it may say in the fine print that the way to keep the warranty valid is to make sure the tires are rotated on a certain basis– check for that. Meanwhile, when mechanics are rotating tires, they’ll be able to give them a closer inspection and see if they’re cracked, punctured, totally worn out, and/or need replacing.

Finally, there’s the safety factor. Like that old commercial said, “You’ve got a lot riding on your tires.” Indeed. You want them to function at their best so there aren’t problems with steering and vehicular control.

George Kell Motors services vehicles and can rotate your tires; Call 870-495-2615 to schedule your appointment today.

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Things to Consider When Buying a New Vehicle

George Kell Motors of Newport, Arkansas, sells a variety of new vehicles from brands like GMC and Chevrolet. What are some things to consider when buying a new vehicle?

Buying a CarFor most people, buying a new car or truck comes down to one main issue: Can I afford it? That said, look at your savings, income and budget and run the numbers to see if it’s a smart decision to buy a new vehicle in the coming days.

Many people will be faced with this other big question: Should I buy or lease it? Buying a car means you own it, while leasing means you’re borrowing it and have to give it back, eventually. Some people like to lease vehicles for tax purposes– perhaps they can deduct their payments as a business owner. Others only want to outright own their vehicles so they don’t feel indebted to anyone. Leasing is a good way to enjoy a very nice vehicle for a short time without having to own it. If you’re the type of person who always like to drive something new, then leasing might be the right choice. If you’re the type who holds on to your car or truck for more than ten years, then buying is the way to go.

Next, a person will often ask themselves, “Should I buy brand new or get a pre-owned vehicle?” Buying brand new gives a person a great feeling because no one else has owned and driven “their car/their baby.” However, people who want to save money usually don’t mind buying a pre-owned vehicle since they’re less expensive than brand new ones.

Finally, it’s a good idea to do your research before buying any vehicle. Find out how a particular brand and model is perceived by experts by reading Consumer Reports and online sources which review vehicles for things like safety and performance. Ask around and see what your friends and family say about vehicles they love and vehicles they loathe. The more you know about the vehicle you want to buy, the better off you’ll be in the long run.

Tips on How to Prevent Your Vehicle From Rusting

Rusted CarOne of the most annoying and unsightly things that can happen to your car is rust. Not only can rust can severely damage the durability of your car’s body, it also just plain looks bad and decreases the value of your car.

A few common things that contribute to vehicle rust are salt from melting ice and snow as well as moisture that contacts the metal underneath. When your vehicle’s coat of paint has been scratched or chipped, it puts your vehicle at an increased risk.

There are steps you can take to prevent rust from showing up on  your vehicle. As always, you will want to consult with a vehicle mechanic if the problem persists or gets much worse.

• Get your vehicle washed every few weeks, especially if you live near salt water or it happens to be winter in your area.

• Every four months, put a nice and thick coat of wax onto your vehicle. Wax is a sealant for a lot of common problems that can happen to cars.

• Make sure you clean the inside of your vehicle by wiping up any spills, as rust can start in the inside and end up going to the exterior.

• Routinely inspect the underside of your vehicle and clean built up snow, dirt, and debris when necessary.

• If you find any problems with your paint, especially any bubbling, get it take care of right away.

• If your vehicle is not going to be driven for a while, make sure you wash and spray it with a rust-preventing spray. At this time, you should cover your vehicle with an appropriate car cover.


If you find rust on your vehicle, be sure to respond immediately to remove it. Of course, if you are ready to start over with a new car, the experts at George Kell Motors can help you find exactly what you need.


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