5 Reasons to Buy a Vehicle from a Dealership

October 14th, 2014

Thanks to advances in technology, searching for a new car has never been easier.  In addition to local new and used car dealers, consumers can also find private sellers online, such as on Craig’s List or other sites.


Though the pictures you see from private sellers online may look pristine, and you may be intrigued by the listing price, are you really confident in what you’re buying?  How do you know the car is in “great condition,” and won’t break down 4 weeks after you purchase it?  Moreover, how much could you possibly know about the seller’s reputation?  Do you really want to make such a large and significant investment with so many unknowns?


For most people, the answer is a resounding no.  Most consumers prefer to purchase from a reputable car dealership; let’s look at 5 reasons why:


1)      Dealerships have standards they must adhere to; meaning unlike private sellers, they can’t just sell you anything with four wheels and metal.  Instead, they must follow the implied warranty of merchantability, which essentially makes it illegal for dealers to sell vehicles that can’t reasonably function. Conversely, private sellers or someone with an ad online do not have to adhere to such standards and can sell you damaged goods. Buyer beware.


2)      Reputations.  A car dealership’s reputation is vital to their survival.  As such, any reputable dealer will treat their customers well, and maintain favorable business practices in order to keep their strong public standing.  Meanwhile, a private seller does not have to worry nearly as much, if at all about such things, while dealerships are putting major time, energy and effort towards having strong customer relations.


3)      Selection.  Sure, you can take a look on Craig’s List or in the classified ads of the newspaper and find a bunch of options to choose from, but it’s nothing like the array of options you’ll find at a dealership.  Regardless of whether you want a brand new car or a used vehicle that is still in prime condition, most dealerships will have just what you need.


4)      Customization.  With private sellers, what you see is what you get.  Conversely, dealerships can customize the features of your car to suit your needs – you want a built in GPS system? Done. You want power locks, power windows and a sun roof? Done.  Point being, the choice is up to you.


5)      Warranties.  Worst case scenario happens, and after a few weeks, you find that your car is not running as it should.  If you bought it from a dealership, it is likely under a warranty, and you can bring it in and have one of their expert mechanics look at it.  If you found the car online, good luck A- trying to track down the person that sold your car and B- convincing them that they need to do something to rectify the situation.


As you can see, there are many short and long-term advantages to buying your car from a dealership.  If you’re in the North Newport, AR area and are in the market for a new vehicle, be sure to check out George Kell Motors.



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